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Panir/Jibneh Baladi - Traditional cheese



  1. Heat the fresh milk to about 36 degree.
  2. Take a glass of milk and mix it with the rennet, then put everything together again into the remaining milk pour and stir well.
  3. Cover on the pot and Let stand for about 3 hours in a warm place. (e.g., among the Duvet)
  4. Now the cheese is getting thicker, so you can take a knife and cut the cheese into dices.
  5. A sufficiently large sieve lay it out with a clean cloth and gradually add the cheese to it he can drain well. You can hang up the cloth and drain it overnight to let.
  6. The next day the Cheese can now be diced to the desired size with a knife.
  7. Plentiful on all sides salt to preserve the cheese.
  8. On a big baking sheet place the plate slightly inclined for about 2-3 hours, so that the remaining water can drain.
  9. Plenty of water in one heat the large pot (do not cook, but just before it!) and add the cheese, this is important to kill the bacteria of the raw milk. After about 2 minutes remove the cheese and drain.
  10. Then Sprinkle with black cumin.
  11. Now you can eat directly, Store in a glass in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

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